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Hand- knotted Carpets

 post-modern Persian design, with an organic materials, and premium quality.


material & environmental sustainability:

Environmental sustainability is one of other key guiding principles of our business. No artificial fiber is used in our rugs. Relying on natural wool, cotton and silk, soaked and processed in natural dye allows our artists to produce a wide variety of threats and fibers with different textures and colors for different designs and purposes. We do not use polymeric (fossil-based material) in our products. The dye we use is extracted from minerals, plant roots, leaves and branches that are stabilized naturally (patented techniques), to ensure they do not fade or change color for years to come. The ingredients and the process is what makes our product fully  environmental friendly.  

read this blog for more information 

Top Precious Rugs 

 moon & whispers collection

Our most refined and most valuable. Either for the amount of silk or the unique technique or design, these carpets are our top precious members among all categories.



Let Art  Be Your Jewelry  

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