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Moons and Whispers meet nature

Moons and Whispers meet nature
How does the process of producing carpets of the Moon and Whispers collection come from the heart of nature?

The origin of things, all things, goes back to nature. One aspect of the human transaction in the path of life is nature. The man considered himself a part of nature, and survival was formed based on his coexistence with natural phenomena. The carpet is one of the manifestations of this sitting; Family member with the family. This is the story of the carpet.
Human mats and floor coverings were first made from plant leaves or animal skins; The things that nature had given to man to embrace him. Later, when the creation of something unique called the carpet became a human concern, a procedure based on love and sustainable development was still on the people's agenda. Chemicals had not yet prioritized economics, and technology had not accelerated the creation process quickly but poorly.
The carpets of the "Moons and Whispers" collection have made up their own story in returning to their precious - and almost lost - originality and identity. The production of these carpets has not disturbed the calm spirit of Mother Earth.
The fibers used in carpet weaving of the collection are all wool, cotton yarn, and silk. The wool is known in Iran as "spring hand-picked wool,"; which, unlike tanning wool, is scissored from a healthy sheep with delicacy. Like the preparation of wools, dyes are also obtained entirely from raw materials such as Rubia tinctorum, walnut skin, pomegranate skin, safflower, grape grass, etc. These materials are combined with others in copper pots and mixed with wood. The extraordinary thing about this type of paint is that no pot's color is the same as any other pot, even if all the ingredients used and the process are the same. As a result, each carpet becomes unique.
Maintaining such a process, although costly and uneconomical, inspires the carpet. Like the carpets that have reached us from the glorious era of Isfahan, Shiraz, and Qom, over time, the shine and beauty of these carpets increases, and more steps are taken on that figure the more its value increases.


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