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Whispers to the Moon collection takes us back to the nature and brings us peace, calm and prosperity.

Natural wool, mixed with natural silk and natural dye from many different areas of west and central Asia are collected, brought in and used by young traditional women living in villages, who have passion for weaving new eye-catching master piece rugs. These  women quick fingers are the masters who create these magnificent art works for us, to use and to enjoy their beauty.  We are offering a unique opportunity for you to see these master pieces first hand, in the heart of Milan. 

The supply chain and trading of hand-knotted  Persian rugs influences many people's life from various corners of our society. Hand-knotted rugs are one of very few types of artworks that physically serve a purpose in our daily life, and that is to cover the floors of our living spaces, and also at the same time they give us pleasure anytime we look at them. 


Moon & Whisper 


This unique collection is presented by Neda Milano. Neda's collection whispers and reminds us about our soul's deep connection to the nature surrounding us and its beauty.
We proudly introduce members of the “Moons and Whispers.”

Gallery of moon and whisper


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