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We welcome you to visit our splendid setting and collection of art works that presents a uniquely designed style of hand-knotted rugs, with an unparalleled quality, for the first time in Italy.

The elegant collection presented in this exhibition includes pieces that reflect a unique infusion of modern design and traditional techniques. There is a genuine link between humans and nature that has helped creating civilizations over the centuries. Our rugs help our customers to bond with nature, grow their minds, senses and feelings, protect the environment, as they live with them. The endless combination of colors and details assures us that you never get tired of watching and enjoying our products.

These unique designs of this collection helps you bring nature to your home, and virtually connect to it. It gives you a feeling that you never experience when surrounded by artificial, polymeric and fossil-based products. Our rugs smell the nature! 

With designs so delicate, various, and astonishing, handwoven carpets are also presented by Neda Milano. We're collecting premium quality carpets from the best designers and weaving workshops. Check out our collections.

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Souvenirs from the land of a thousand stories.



The Vintage is a collection of antique rugs. Vintage collection have been collected an exceptional collection of antique rugs from remote villages and regions. These rugs were reaching end of their lifecycle through their journeys in time, but have been restored and preserved to the highest qualities possible with a new look. 

There is originally in warp and weft.



In carpets, we have inherited a glamorous history and works. Neda Milano's vintage collections of carpets tend to benefit modern life by the elixir of the good old days. Know our vintage collections.


Neda Design

Neda Milano's originals:
Next to every collected item, Neda Milano has their original design and production. Our original collections of carpets have been designed to take a step toward a qualified harmony.

Live in harmony with design.

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