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A touch of time and the burden of years, worthy threads and memories, and a new perspective have shaped our vintage carpets category. Our “treasure seekers” have collected old and excellent rugs in danger of destruction through travels over the origins of handwoven carpets, authentic sources, and aged villages and houses. Our experts first examine the rugs, then depending on the damage rate, they apply suitable solutions for the reviving purposes. On occasions, the only necessary action is just an antique wash, while the operation is more complicated concerning the others. While the quality has been preserved, the designs also have much to express. The connection between vintage carpets with the past and roots affects the deeper emotions and makes the items spiritual companions to live with. Here you can check the collections of Neda Milano’s vintage rugs.

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The Family Album 


 The Family Album is a collection of our most commonly traded rugs for people across all walks of life

Gallery Of the Family Album


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