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Neda Milano's field of activity is human and the details in which life is formed. Neda Milano thinks of a kind of harmony that combines design, identity, and originality to create a practical discourse and a connective texture between components and human beings.

Neda Milano started their adventure with carpets. Today, Neda Milano offers unique collections of rugs, each with its own story to read. Neda Milano will soon unveil their new collections in other fields of design.

Neda Milano's collections consist of several "members." Each of these members can establish a two-way relationship with another member, take root in another environment, and be effective. Neda Milano has found originality in the story. The members of these series are each storyteller of an adventure that took shape in different geographies and is now ready to be heard and felt. The points that connect man to this collection are familiar and pleasant. Like love, it is rooted in primitive concepts and an ancient connection passed down from generation to generation in human historical memory. Neda Milano's goal is to find their place between detail and design.

 Neda Milano's story starts in the spring of 2019, and the story of the collections goes back to the distant past.

On this website, in addition to viewing collections and ordering, you can read the stories of the collections and their members, as well as notes on Neda Milano's design approach.

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